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Organic Duck Eggs • Organic Plant Fertilizer 

Collecting Eggs

About Us

Located in the "Ducktown" community in Cumming, GA, we are the largest duck egg producer in the Metro Atlanta area.  


With over 300 ducks in our flock, our girls are provided with vitamin rich foods including oatmeal, cabbage, assorted greens, spinach, and a variety of fruits thanks to donations by Whole Foods market!  These gals are free range and they are not afraid to burrow in the soil right after a good rain to find their most desired snack - worms!

Health benefits of the Duck Egg

  • 7.25pH alkaline* forming food

  • Higher anti-inflammatory properties

  • Average size 2.6oz

  • High Omega 3's

  • High Iron

  • High Protein

  • Non-allergenic (alternative for those suffering from other egg allergies)

  •  Higher in essential Vitamins & Minerals

*cancer cells may not survive in an alkaline environment

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What's a "Dirty Dozen"?

What's A "Dirty Dozen"?


- Best for "preppers" who want to preserve the egg for up to 2 years by the water glassing process. 

- A dirty dozen still has the mother's bulb which protects the egg from spoiling.  It can give the egg a shelf life up to 90 days.  

- A dirty dozen can be used for incubation purposes.  

*No guarantee the egg has been fertilized. 

Our Duck Eggs are hand picked daily

Dirty Dozen $12/dozen • Clean Dozen $10/dozen

We donate duck eggs on a monthly basis to many shelters and feeding the poor

Duck VS.Chicken Egg

We believe in educating people on the magnificent health benefits of the Duck egg.

If you have allergies to the chicken egg, most can eat Duck eggs instead!

Duck eggs are higher in Omega3, and 12% higher in Iron, containing more of the good Fats needed for our brain.

Duck eggs are also a tremendous benefit for Autistic children, who's guts need the alkalizing elements of the eggs. Duck eggs have a PH of 7.25 whereas, a chicken egg has a PH of 6.75. Chicken eggs can also be a huge risk for our health because studies show them to be acidifying.

Give us a call today and come check out our farm and give the Duck egg a chance to change your life!

The new chicken is DUCK...

Duck vs. chicken All about the egg!.jpg
Duckery IMG_9513.HEIC

"Ducky Doo" Organic Fertilizer 

I'm sure you can imagine there's a lot of cleaning up we've gotta do at the Duckery.  Well, we thought it would be a nice thing if we could offer you a little "Ducky Doo" to take home....your plants will like it too!  

The organic "Ducky Doo" is offered in a liquid form.  As mentioned before, the duck pH is higher in alkaline.  Unlike chicken manure; it's safe to apply immediately after harvesting without the risk of burning your plants or vegetation.  



$20 / Gallon

plus $10 s/h 

Want a Fun Field Trip?

20210216_150533(1) (1).jpg

Make a memorable field trip at The Duckery of Ducktown's Educational Center.  

Meet "Ha'Zel" the duck dog.

Your 2 hour field trip includes: 

  • Educational time with "Momma Duck" - Mrs. Kathryn

    • learn how to hold a duck

    • learn to candle the egg by the sun 

    • hear stories & much more!

  • Feeding time 

  • Bath time

  • Duck egg hunt 

  • 1 dozen Duck eggs to take home & enjoy

"Ha'Zel" in his Duxcedo 

Meet a "Whitey Tidey"

Entry Fee $7/Person
Save $2.00 on Entry fee if you bring a head of Green Cabbage
We can accommodate up to 25 students.
Please wear old clothes & shoes/boots.
Duckery IMG_9262.HEIC
IMG_20220327_123025 (2).jpg

Be apart of building out our Educational Center


"I've never even seen a cake as fluffy, airy, and flavorful as this before! It's all because of your duck eggs..." 

Pineapple White Cake

-Chef H.


"I made a Blueberry Buckle for my friends and I told them that your duck eggs was my secret to it being so delicious!"


duck angel eggs.jpg

"I did deviled- or should I say Angel- duck eggs. One was Sriachi Chili with Sambal Oleaek and sesame oil. The other was a Classic Southern Style egg with Mayo, Sour Cream, Mustard, and diced pickle sweet relish. They were amazing, RICH and flavorful!!"

-Chef Brian C.

duck egg lasagna.jpg

"I also did a Duck Egg Lasagna. I added duck eggs to the Ricotta Cheese with Mozzarella and Parmigiano Cheese! The duck eggs added a full rich flavor and texture to the cheese mixture for a real phenomenal flavor! Italian rural regional cooking."

-Chef Brian C.

My first ever Lavender Cake Wow made with the duck eggs. The richest, moist with the hint of lavender (like the wispy flower) fluffy cake I have conquered...  hats off to the duck egg...

thank you   - Kathryn M.

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